Adler Yuva

What is Adler Yuva?
‘Yuva’ is an ancient Sanskrit term which means ‘Youth’. Through this programme, we at Adler want to get associated with the youth at large and assist them to make confident, tailored and insightful career choices in life. Successful programs are those that train and challenge the young minds so that it can enable them to reach their full potential. Our goal is mainly to focus on the participation of youth in such programs and help them in successfully navigating through the job market and finding meaningful work.

Our Target Individuals
When it comes to developing your career; certain anonymous aspects require major focus. That's why we want to be connected with youth from all walks of life. So what if you are a student who has finished studies or you are a student who is about to complete studies or someone who has had a rough career path or even if you are looking to work and study together; we are here to guide you all.

  1. It is always better to start working early and gain as much experience as possible.
  2. Starting work early in life gives you the chance to become independent and manage your own expenses.
  3. It also gives you an opportunity to explore different profiles and understand the dynamics of different industries such as KPO/BPO/Insurance/Banks/Telecom to just name a few.
  4. If you are thinking of applying for a Master’s program in any reputed institution within the country or abroad, work experience is just going to make things easy for you
  5. Having work exposure will also help you decide which industry and what profile you wish to choose and form a career

Why register with us?
  • Youth are the solution and not the problem. We believe in guiding for the best we have in market because youth can be the leaders of tomorrow. So register for yourself; register for a better career.
  • We help you in getting a basic understanding of the industry mechanisms at the very beginning of your career.
  • Even if you are not looking for a full time career opportunity, we offer lucrative internship options too.

We have seen the finest minds of this generation get ruined by opting for the wrong career. Vocational guidance should help youth ask and obtain answers to the questions: Who am I ? What are my options? Where do I want to go? How do I get there? Call our experienced professionals to get answers to all these questions and also for getting the accurate guidance to build your career in the right path.

Contact us on:7048855506 or 07048865506

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